Stress Management Program

The Complete Stress Management Training Program Includes:

  • Stress Management Trainers Guide
  • 20 Personal Stress Assessment Inventory™
  • 20 Stress Management Program Participant Workbooks

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his four hour Stress Management Training Program deals comprehensively with both work and non-work sources of stress. It is designed so that participants can work individually, maintaining privacy and confidentiality even in a workshop setting. Participants are introduced to the warning signs of damaging levels of stress, and taught proven skills, tools, and techniques for reducing stress.

The Most Comprehensive Approach to Stress Management Available

Based on the Personal Stress Assessment Inventory™, participants identify the causes and symptoms of stress and learn to manage stress more effectively. Through personal insights and proven stress management techniques they learn what triggers stress, how they react to it, and how to calm themselves. Participants are then guided in developing their own personal strategies for effectively managing stress. Significant time is spent on prioritization, organization, planning, handling multiple priorities, and delegation.

Impact on the Organization

Even the best organizations are highly stressful: individuals must cope with unprecedented amounts of information, intense pressure to succeed, and extensive responsibility for their colleagues, subordinates, suppliers, and customers. Organizations that don’t help their workers manage stress encounter workforce “burnout” – which translates directly to higher turnover, lower morale, higher workers’ compensation claims, work-flow disruption, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness. Simply stated, if you want to build a highly-productive, high-performance organization, you must give individuals the insights and tools they need to handle stress.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify areas, causes, and signals of stress
  • Identify specific behaviors that can reduce stress
  • Master powerful ways to take control of stressful situations
  • Identify techniques for smoothly handling multiple priorities without excess stress

Stress Management Program Trainers Guide

This Stress Management Trainers Guide is completely scripted and gives novice and seasoned trainers the tools they need to feel fully prepared to teach the program. The Trainers Guide is a comprehensive roadmap. It provides the trainer with all the information needed to set up and facilitate the Stress Management Program including:

  • A Detailed Overview of the Structure and Content of the Program.
  • How to Prepare To Teach the Program.
  • Materials Needed and Listed In Order of Presentation.
  • A Script of With Clear Instructions About When To Use PowerPoint, Flip charts, Etc.
  • Pre-Tested Questions To Get Class Discussions Started.
  • And Much More!

Personal Stress Assessment Inventory™

The Personal Stress Assessment Inventory™ accurately assesses resilience, sources of stress, and health symptoms. A built-in honesty check is provided. Management Communication Quarterly selected PSAI as comprehensive and thoroughly researched. The assessment takes 20-30 minutes to complete and self-score.

Stress Management Participant Workbook

This workbook is used by trainees during stress management program workshops. The stress management participant workbook includes interactive materials, relevant cases and action planning.

Deep Relaxation Stress Management Exercises Audio

This audio guides listeners through four deep relaxation exercises: progressive muscle relaxation, a breathing meditation, autogenic training, and a music meditation. A “biofeedback” finger thermometer is included to measure stress level changes with relaxation.

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