Decision Making Strategies

The Complete Decision Making Training Program Includes:

  • Decision Making Strategies Trainers Guide
  • 20 Decision Making Strategies Inventory™
  • 20 Decision Making Strategies Participant Workbooks

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his Decision Making Training Program gives participants the tools and the skills to develop strategies to make better decisions. Simply making good decisions is not enough. Successful outcomes depend on how one makes decisions, the process being as important as the result. Participants discover current decision-making patterns and learn how to broaden their repertoire. They learn how to select the best of four decision-making strategies for each situation.
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Decision Making Strategies Trainers Guide

This Decision Making Trainers Guide is completely scripted and gives novice and seasoned trainers the tools they need to feel fully prepared to teach the program. The Trainers Guide is a comprehensive roadmap. It provides the trainer with all the information needed to set up and facilitate the Decision Making Program including:

  • A Detailed Overview of the Structure and Content of the Course.
  • How to Prepare To Teach the Course.
  • Materials Needed and Listed In Order of Presentation.
  • A Script of With Clear Instructions About When To Use Overheads, Flip charts, Etc.
  • Pre-Tested Questions To Get Class Discussions Started.
  • And Much More!

Decision Making Strategies Inventory™

Strategic thinking is an essential leadership skill. With the Decision Making Strategies Inventory™, respondents learn to assess their current decision-making patterns, and clarify options for choosing the best strategy for each situation: unilateral, bargaining, collaboration and deciding-by-rule. This inventory takes about 15 minutes to complete and self-score.

Decision Making Strategies Participant Workbook

This workbook supports the facilitator in conducting effective programs on decision making with the focus on building strategic decision making skills and problem solving processes.

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