Conflict Management Program

The Complete Conflict Management Program Includes:

  • Conflict Management Trainers Guide
  • 20 Management of Differences Inventory™
  • 20 Conflict Management Program Participant Workbooks
  • “Trusted Employee” Conflict Management video

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his top-rated four hour Conflict Management Training Program includes the Management of Differences Inventory™ (available as a 360° Feedback Assessment or Self Assessment) to identify habitual patterns for conflict management. This training programs helps participants identify sources of workplace conflict, and provides tools and techniques for assessing and managing conflict. It introduces a model for managing differences that includes nine unique approaches for effectively handling conflict. Participants determine which approach will be most successful in dealing with and resolving the conflicts they personally encounter.

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Working through simulations, they learn better ways to handle conflict between themselves and others, and to referee conflicts between other employees. Each participant plans and practices a conflict resolution session designed to prepare them for handling a conflict they currently face at work. The program concludes by highlighting ten common conflict behavior types, and showing how to effectively deal with each.

Impact on the Organization

Brought out into the open, conflict can be dealt with – and even be transformed into something productive. Left unattended, however, conflict can fester, causing serious problems – and even destroying organizations. Unmanaged or badly managed conflicts lead to poor employee morale, resources wasted on “taking sides” instead of solving problems, reduced productivity, and increased turnover. Diffusing or resolving conflicts before they reach this level can increase self-esteem in the “conflict-ees” – especially when conflicts are between individuals in different hierarchical levels within the company. Resolving conflicts shows the employees that management does care what happens to them. Managers can do this by applying skills and tools that work through the steps of conflict management, resulting in agreement, or at least a cessation of hostilities. Happy, “unconflicted” employees are far more productive.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore potential areas of conflict
  • Identify actual sources of conflict
  • Identify and apply nine proven conflict resolution approaches
  • Develop a systematic process for dealing constructively with disagreement

Conflict Management Program Trainers Guide

This Conflict Management Trainers Guide is completely scripted and gives novice and seasoned trainers the tools they need to feel fully prepared to teach the program. The Trainers Guide is a comprehensive roadmap. It provides the trainer with all the information needed to set up and facilitate the Conflict Management Program including:

  • A Detailed Overview of the Structure and Content of the Program.
  • How to Prepare To Teach the Program.
  • Materials Needed and Listed In Order of Presentation.
  • A Script of With Clear Instructions About When To Use Overhead, Flip charts, Etc.
  • Pre-Tested Questions To Get Class Discussions Started.
  • And Much More!

Management of Differences Inventory™

Managing of Differences Inventory™ & Management of Differences Inventory-Feedback™

The Management of Differences Inventory™ provides nine strategic approaches to overcome the limitations of 5-mode conflict models. Measures utilized are: domination, smoothing, maintaining, bargaining, coexisting, deciding-by-rule, collaboration, releasing and yielding. This assessment takes 15-20 minutes to complete and self-score.

Conflict Management Participant Workbook

This workbook is used by trainees during conflict management program workshops. The conflict management participant workbook includes interactive materials, relevant cases and action planning.

Conflict Management Simulation Exercise: “Personal Business At Work”

A provocative, energizing exercise that introduces strategic skills for conflict management. This is a great prelude to Management of Differences Inventory.

“Trusted Employee” Conflict Management Video

This video portrays a case example of a conflict between a manager, an executive, and an employee over the proper handling of company monies. The case raises issues of communication, policy, and ethics within a typical organization (7 minutes).

Conflict Management Reminder Card

Our plastic conflict management reminder card can be punched to fit into any organizer for easy reference. The card reinforces Guiding Principles, Process, and 9 Strategic Approaches for conflict management.

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