About Us


The Center for Management Effectiveness, Inc. is an education and research center that is dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance. Created by Dr. Herb Kindler in 1981 to offer his cutting-edge research to business, the Center designs, publishes, and presents high impact training and support materials and well over 355,000 instruments have been utilized.

With a particular specialty in performance-based, validated assessment inventories and tools, President Eric Herzog, Ph.D., Vice President Jane Herzog, LCSW and staff currently provide training programs, products and research findings to over 600 organizations.

Our Focus

With a focus on change and the management of change, the Center offers a full line of training products in the areas of leading change, stress management, managing conflict and disagreement, risk taking and decision-making.

This includes validated assessment inventories, books, articles, video and audiotapes, fully documented facilitator guides, participant workbooks and training aids and tools.

The Center is a resource to organizations that want to conduct their own programs, but may not have materials developed. All the tools and programs are performance based, user friendly, and enjoyable to experience. 


Who We Serve

View some of the companies that have benefited from the Tools and Seminars offered by The Center for Management Effectiveness, Inc.